Supply chain management

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A good supply chain platform is a key to the success of the organization in our work environment, which is characterized by competitiveness, dynamism and uncertainty. Supply chain processes cut across the entire organization, starting from forecasting and demand management, through procurement management, inventory sourcing and production management, to product storage, distribution and delivery to the customer.

Supply chain managers are always at the crossroads of decision-making and are required to connect the various functions, such as sales, procurement and production and steer the organization in the tactical management of daily operations, and in the strategic management that enables long-term preparation while reducing dealing with firefighting and the need for cost savings.

Building a good infrastructure and properly managing a supply chain makes it possible to create a lean and dynamic organization that responds quickly to a competitive and changing environment. We, at the Niram Gitan Group, have extensive experience in building models and processes in the field of supply chains in large and small companies and accompanying the assimilation and implementation, with the accuracy of the solution and adaptation to the specific needs of each organization.

Our areas of expertise

  • Development of operational strategy
  • Solutions for procurement management and inventory documentation
  • Optimizing planning processes
  • Improving production and logistics processes (warehouses and distribution)
  • Functional planning of work environment and warehouses

Our Services

  • operational strategy
  • planning processes
  • Inventory backup processes
  • Procurement Management
  • logistics

Our products

  • 360 diagnosis of the supply chain system
  • Defining and accompanying the implementation of organizational processes
  • Examining processes using simulation tools
  • Definition and implementation of advanced planning processes Sales & Operation S&OP
  • Building advanced management and control tools (such as forecast management, production planning)
  • Optimization and functional planning of warehouses and the work environment
  • Load analysis using advanced planning tools
  • Inventory optimization and analysis using analysis tools
  • SKU’s optimization

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