Operational excellence

Niram Gitan Group - NGG

Operational excellence encompasses all dimensions of the organization. Starting from the definition of the infrastructure and resources, through the processes and the organizational structure, to the control measures derived from the operational and business strategy. Assimilating values ​​of operational excellence in all dimensions of the organization produces a cost-effective, effective, agile and flexible organization that strives for continuous improvement in the face of challenges in a dynamic and uncertain environment.

We, at the Niram Gitan Group, have extensive experience in building, accompanying and implementing operational excellence in large, medium and small organizations, while adjusting and precision of the solution to the nature and specific needs of the organization.

Our areas of expertise

  • 360 organizational diagnosis
  • Organizational streamlining processes
  • Support for organizational transformation (strategic, regulatory, digital change)
  • Resource optimization – KA, production, logistics, areas
  • Building drive systems and reward models
  • Defining an operating concept for organizational units
  • Business analysis – improving the organization’s performance through advanced analysis tools

Our products

  • 360 organizational diagnosis
  • Operating concept for the organization/unit – structure, roles, processes, control and measurement
  • A model of motivation, reward and incentives for a variety of populations and levels
  • Measurement arrays and associated routines
  • Personnel standardization using dynamic models
  • Establishing and maintaining sets of procedures
  • Development of management and decision-making tools
  • Process mining using advanced analysis tools such as Disco and simulation tools

Business Excellence Solutions​

נירם גיתן מספקת את שירותיה למאות חברות בארץ ובעולם. סל הפתרונות והמוצרים שלנו אינטגרטיבי ומבוסס על ידע, שיטות וכלים חדשניים, תוך התאמה לצרכי הלקוחות השונים.