Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

Key Challenges in Banks and Financial Institutions:

  • Turning potential into profit in a customer’s account
  • Increasing customer life cycle value while minimizing operational costs
  • Training end units to handle sophisticated and demanding customers
  • Training and adapting corporate employees, managers and systems to operate in advanced environments


NGG offers banks and financial institutions a variety of services and products. We also offer a comprehensive solution for retail platforms and customer relationship management in retail banking. NGG’s management solutions for banking and financial institutions include the following components:

  • Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence and Product Leadership (COP) – a three dimensional performance analysis
  • Performance Measurement in Retail Banking (PMRB)
  • Retail Banking Management (RBM)
  • Customer Experience in Retail Banking (CERB)
  • New Branch Set Up (NBS)


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