Why do so many information system implementations fail?

Not just technology: implementing expensive technology in organizations requires taking care of the human factor. Meaningful technological tools with the potential for improving work, output, and profit – are being underutilized due to mismanagement of implementation and application. NGG Global Consulting Solutions developed a comprehensive methodology to deal with this issue, which includes addressing the […]

Women and Organizations in Forthcoming Decades

As we embark on the disruptive third decade of the 21st century, how should women integrate, work and advance themselves? Towards the end of the second decade of the 21st century, economic media was swamped with facts and figures about women in the workplace. Misrepresentation of women in C-Level positions, continuing wage gaps between male […]

Examining the readiness of human capital to cope with a world in disruption

Analysing the rediness of human capital coping with disruption

Examining the readiness of human capital to cope with a world in disruption What does it mean? Organizations today find themselves more than ever in a vortex of disruption that entails faster rates, continuous changes, flexibility, and the ability to deal with chaos and uncertainty. The ability of organizations to survive the turbulence of the […]

The vortex of needs

What is the vortex of needs and what distinguishes it from Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs? A new post from Ram Jaulus, CEO of NGG and author of “The Age of Urgency” Ram Jaulus, CEO, NGG Global Consulting Solutions Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has long been almost axiomatic in marketing and in behavioral sciences (among […]

As the World Moves Forward, Some Jobs Are Left Behind

What Types Of Jobs Are Disappearing

From customs officers to good old travel agents, traditional jobs are sidelined by technological advancements – a trend that’s here to stay Since the early 20th century, technological advancements have been affecting traditional jobs, forcing them to adapt or making them obsolete. This phenomenon has intensified over the past few years, forcing positions previously taken […]

World of disruption project communication

Ram Jaulus presents: the changes in the communication industry

The communications industry began structural changes several years ago, and this year the process was further accelerated. Content has become a key element of the game and the entry of foreign players has affected the local players. It’s true that we don’t see the physical entry of foreigners into the domestic market, but the ease […]

World of disruption project army

Once, readiness was the name of the game, and military personnel thought of readiness in terms of the ability to cope with different scenarios. But due to years of hard experience, the definition of what it takes to achieve readiness grew more complex over time. As a result, the scope of the required budget was […]

Organizational Transformation in the Automotive Industry

Ram Jaulus, CEO of NGG, presents the changes that Israel’s automotive industry experienced this year: The auto industry is not what it used to be; that much is clear to everyone. Autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, electric cars, and more – much of the public attention is focused on changes occurring in the vehicle itself, and […]

Organizational Transformation in the Finance Industry

Ram Jaulus, CEO of NGG, presents the changes that Israel’s finance industry experienced this year Organizational Transformation in a World of Disruption Banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and credit card companies: in the finance industry this year, everyone got involved with everyone else. The big credit card companies are in the process of selling, while […]

Organizational Transformation in the Public Sector

Ram Jaulus, CEO of NGG, presents the changes experienced in Israel’s public sector this year Organizational Transformation in a World of Disruption The public sector as a whole, and government ministries in particular, have discovered digital channels, and with good reason. The ability to make information and services accessible to citizens makes it possible to […]