Women and Organizations in Forthcoming Decades

By Nili Goldfein As we embark on the disruptive third decade of the 21st century, how should women integrate, work and advance themselves? Towards the end of the second decade of the 21st century, economic media was swamped with facts and figures about women in the workplace. Misrepresentation of women in C-Level positions, continuing wage […]

Love as an Operating System

More and more studies show how emotional factors such as caring, affection, compassion and empathy affect business performance. Emotional expression has become part and parcel of management discourse in recent years. And what does all of this have to do with businessman and industry leader Dov Lautman?By Nili Goldfein & Smadar Tadmor Add Your Heading […]

A New Book: How Can Organizations Survive the “Disruption” Period of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In recent years, and especially during the pandemic, there have been many “disturbances” and “disruptions” in organizations, including the adoption of new work processes and changes in organizational culture. A new book explains how we should handle the situation The coronavirus crisis (which, despite the vaccines on the horizon, still isn’t close to being over) […]

Goodbye textbooks, hello sci-fi: the new must-reads of Corona-time management

Optimal management can no longer be found in orderly textbooks or existing models, but rather by challenging them and inventing new ones. That’s exactly what Science Fiction has to offer. By Nili Goldfein and Galit Diamant Last March, one day before lockdown, I had a consultation meeting with one of my favorite clients – a […]

And They Argued Happily Ever After

Why is excessive harmony bad for business and why is conflict crucial for organizational success? Introducing the Art of Argument: the soft skill every strong business leader needs.By Nili Goldfein and Galit Diamant A few months before the coronavirus outbreak, I found myself on a flight to New York to facilitate a quarterly management summit […]

From Hobby to Income: The Wonderful World of Parallel Careers

Yes, you can be an analyst by day and a D.J by night. In today’s world of work, you can, and should, have it all.By Nili Goldfein and Galit Diamant Back in the 20th century, our career path was simple: get your degree, get a steady job and stay put until retirement. Job security and […]

LivePerson presents: A leap into the future

What can we learn from LivePerson’s bold decision to let go of their offices worldwide and make a collective shift to permanent remote working?By Nili Goldfein and Galit Diamant A few weeks ago, global software company LivePerson dramatically announced that they will be closing their physical offices, while their employees from all over the world […]

The Era of Pippi Longstocking’s Reversed Logic

Post-Corona organizations should let go of past paradigms, experiences, success or linear processes, and accept that maybe it’s all the other way around.By Nili Goldfein and Galit Diamant My Mom used to have a proverb for every situation. One of her favorites was a quote by French novelist Gustave Flaubert: “What an elder sees sitting; […]

How to prepare for the next Black Swan

A Black Swan is an unexpected event that could lead to total corporate collapse. What have we learned from the Coronavirus that can help organizations prepare for their return?By Ram Jaulus, CEO NGG Global Consulting Unless you’re a pandemic expert, the Coronavirus has probably caught you too by surprise. In the business world we call […]